I pee, you pee, we all pee freely!

This bathroom isn’t the filthiest yet I’d definitely call it uninviting, especially considering this was a restaurant of sorts… and this was the ladies room.
From afar it just looks like a slob with a penis used it prior to myself, with poor aim both at the toilet and the garbage can. He may have also been tipsy and stumbling a wee (hehe) bit, which would explain the tank lid being knocked to the side.
When you get closer it looks as though the floor was actually washed with urine instead of water, oops, possibly at the hand of that green plant watering thingy in the second picture. If this were the case I have to commend whoever for their innovative use of gardening utilities first and foremost, and proceed to question the cleanliness of the kitchen and food in this place.
It’s one thing to mistake a bathroom for a patch of greens in need of a good watering, but it’s another to confuse h20 with pee pee to do it.
I’m scared to know what they’re confusing all that white sauce that accompanied our food with…
Excuse me while I go throw up.

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